The Only Reason to Use “Reply All”

I’m ready to start a campaign to either promote the professional use of the Reply All email response or ban the option altogether. There’s only one reason to ever use it. Plus, tips on writing effective rather than efficient emails.

My Top 6 Email Writing Time Savers (Part 2)

Three more writing tips to get readers to open and respond to your emails.

3 Best Subject Line Starters

By 2017 over 132 billion business emails will be sent and received each day, according the Radicati Group. That prediction emphasizes the importance of effective business writing skills. Consider the implications of the email subject line. The words you choose determine whether your message will be read or taken seriously by your boss, coworkers and…

How to Save Time on Email

Over 100 billion emails are sent and received each day, according to an email statistics report. On average, workers spend 13 hours a week reading and answering those emails. That’s 637 hours a year, according to another email statistics report. Save yourself and your coworkers a lot of time by sticking to a standard email…

Situation – Impact – Resolution

Don’t be a problem-screamer. Be a problem-solver by organizing your email message or oral briefing into three distinct sections: situation, impact and resolution. Answer these three questions: 1. What is the situation? 2. What impact is it causing? 3. What is your recommended resolution? When time is money, these questions get to the heart of…