The Only Reason to Use “Reply All”

I’m ready to start a campaign to either promote the professional use of the Reply All email response or ban the option altogether. There’s only one reason to ever use it. Plus, tips on writing effective rather than efficient emails.

My Top 6 Email Writing Time Savers (Part 2)

Three more writing tips to get readers to open and respond to your emails.

Purpose First – My Work Mantra

My approach to every project I work on and every piece of content I write can be summed up in two words: “purpose first.” This work mantra has served me, and the companies I’ve worked for, well. It’s simple yet profound. By defining the purpose first, you’re focusing your work (and your mind) on the…

Prime Your Mind for Leadership

Your state of mind has a direct impact on being seen as a leader. Through a series of experiments, Adam Galinsky and Gavin Kilduff proved what you think about before the first encounter with a new group of people can increase your status with the group – boosting your confidence and your chances of leading…

3 Best Subject Line Starters

By 2017 over 132 billion business emails will be sent and received each day, according the Radicati Group. That prediction emphasizes the importance of effective business writing skills. Consider the implications of the email subject line. The words you choose determine whether your message will be read or taken seriously by your boss, coworkers and…