My Top 6 Email Writing Time Savers (Part 1)

writing business emails

Feeling telepressure? That’s the new name for obsessively checking for electronic messages. Researchers define it as, “an urge to quickly respond to emails, texts and voicemails – regardless of whatever else is happening or whether one is even ‘at work.’”

This obsession has led to email overload. There are too many to write and too many to read. To save you time and hassle in the email writing process, consider these shortcuts I’ve developed over the years:

  1. Purpose First: Your opening sentence or paragraph should clearly state what you’re writing about and what you expect from your reader. For emails that include more than one question, option or idea, note the number in the opening paragraph so the recipient knows exactly how many to look for and address.
  2. Add Recipients Last: Add the recipients’ email address in the TO and CC fields last so you don’t make the mistake of sending an unfinished message.
  3. Add Attachments First: Add attachments to your email message before you start writing so you don’t forget. Be sure to mention what’s being attached in the email message.

I’ll share my other three time savers in my next post. As you write, keep in mind – the more work you do for the original email, the less work you’ll have to do following up on it.


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