4 Tips to Connect with Your Audience

EyesWhile I can’t give away all the great stuff we teach at Dardis Communications on this blog, I can give you these four tips for connecting with your audience. Whether you are giving a presentation, speaking up during a meeting or planning an important conversation with a key stakeholder, considering putting these tips into action:

  1. Focus on eye contact. Find a set of eyes in the audience, deliver your thought and move on to the next set of eyes. This helps control pace and engage audience members.
  2. Remember the 5-by-5 rule. Focus on condensing slides to no more than five bullets per slide and five words per bullet.
  3. Break it down. When communicating complex data or information, avoid putting it all on one slide. Instead, summarize the information into related chunks, split it up over several slides or handout pages.
  4. Keep it simple. People can remember things they see better than words. Use images with or instead of words on slides. Don’t just tell; rather, show people through examples, stories or exercises. Simple, elegant and image-based visual aids will help complement and reinforce your message.

These four tips were mentioned in a newspaper article that featured what we do at Dardis Communications. Check out the other tips, too.

Photo Credit: By Ahmed Sinan, Flickr, Creative Commons


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