CRAM to Remember Names

Name Tag - ChrisWhen a business acquaintance remembers your name, you know you’ve made a true connection. But for most of us, remembering names is challenging. I struggle with this sometimes. Based on my experience and information I’ve read, I created the following acronym as a method for remembering names.

C = Choose to Care
First, make a conscious choice to care about people’s names. Pay close attention when people introduce themselves. Focus on being present and concentrate on remembering his or her name.

R = Repeat
Repeat the person’s name out loud and in your head as soon as possible after you’ve been introduced. Occasionally repeat the name a few times during the conversation to solidify it in your mind.

A = Associate
Associate the name using word play, including rhymes, mnemonic devices and alliteration, to commit it to memory. Try to associate names with things people tell you about themselves that will trigger the sound or association of the name in your mind.

M = Mind Picture
Turn the person’s name into a mind picture that you can remember based on images, letters and physical descriptions. Or ask the person to spell out his or her name to create a mental picture of the person’s name in letters.

Finally, don’t forget to record the name in your files and include when and where you met.


Photo Credit: “1/365 My Introduction,” by Chris Annable, Flickr 


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