What’s on Your “Look What I Did” List?

woman thinkingStop for a moment and think about what you’ve accomplished. The simple act of reflecting on your achievements has a direct impact on your level of self-confidence.

Too often, we focus on our “to do” list rather than our “look what I did” list. The emotions and feelings that emerge from focusing on successful experiences energize you and impact the way you tackle the next thing on your list.

Emotional Life Experiences are those moments when you realize you did it and you can do it again. These are internal experiences that happen deep inside yourself with support from positive self-talk. The way you think about and manage those experiences is the fourth most effective way to build self-confidence, according to research by Dr. Albert Bandura.

It’s all about what you tell yourself. You can control your thoughts, your emotional life experiences. Focus on your greatest strengths and proudest accomplishments. Now how does that make you feel?

Learn more: http://psychology.stanford.edu/abandura
Research: http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/rev/84/2/191/
Photo credit: I..C..U Flickr, Creative Commons


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