Listen for the Good Stuff

Thumbs up guyThink about the people who’ve had the biggest impact on your life. What did they say that encouraged you? Encouraging comments have a direct impact on your self-confidence – as long as they come from someone you trust and consider competent. If those encouraging words come from someone you don’t respect, they are empty words.

The third most effective way to build self-confidence is through Encouraging Life Experiences, which means accepting encouraging feedback from a trusted advisor, according to Dr. Albert Bandura. These experiences are also known as verbal or social persuasion.

Encouraging life experiences persuade us to believe in our own skills and abilities. They help us see our progress through someone else’s eyes. To boost your self-confidence, ask someone you admire to give you feedback and listen for encouraging words. That’s feedback you can use.

The fourth and final confidence-building life experience will be the focus of my next post. Remember, building confidence is a purposeful pursuit. Your confidence level evolves over your lifetime.

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