Confidence is Not an Accessory

Confidence Accessory YouTube Poster FINALI saw this poster on the ceiling of a train last week. It’s a cute saying but confidence is not an accessory that you can throw on or a quality that you can suddenly turn on with a smile. Confidence is your perception of what you can do. That perception changes over your lifetime. Building confidence is a purposeful pursuit.

Self-confidence is built on your reaction to four types of life experiences, according to Dr. Albert Bandura. The first type is Actual Life Experiences, also known as mastery experiences. These firsthand experiences help you learn from what you’ve done and situations you’ve faced. These are the direct, real-life, personal incidents where we must use our strengths and abilities to cope and survive.

Actual experiences are those moments when you choose to volunteer, you muster your courage to try or you decide to overcome your fear and go for it. The next time you have an opportunity to test yourself, set your fear aside and chalk it up to a confidence-building opportunity. Building confidence is about making choices, not wearing an accessory.

Of all four types, actual experiences have the greatest impact and the strongest influence on changing your self-confidence. Learn about the other three life experiences that build self-confidence in future posts. Confidence Accessory Closeup1 FINAL

Based on self-efficacy research from Hollenbeck & Hall and Stajkovic, Luthans & Slocum
Poster is an advertisement for YouTube and Bethany Mota

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