5 Presentation Slides to Obliterate

Respect your audience by creating a slide deck that saves time and increases interest. I have seen too many cookie cutter slide presentations that waste precious minutes on unnecessary information. Please, for the sake of your audience, eliminate these five types of slides:

  1. Title slide – Start your presentation with a black screen or large image. Grab your audience’s attention with your oral introduction to your topic. Don’t bore them with a title slide. Build rapport first.
  2. Agenda slide – Replace that obligatory list of topics with an overview of the top three to five points you are going to make during your presentation. Preferably, use the points you want them to remember. Agendas are for meetings, not presentations.
  3. Complicated slides – More is not better on visual aids. Use the tools in PowerPoint, Prezi, Haiku, etc. to simplify the information so that your main point can be understood quicker.
  4. Thank you slide – Just say it, don’t waste a slide on it.
  5. Questions slide – Just ask for questions, don’t waste a slide on it.
Here are more slides to avoid recommended by Denise Graveline for Ragan Communications. 



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