Show Me What You’re Saying

shutterstock_15445945 (2)To make your message memorable, show it. Research proves that when your gestures match your message, others are more likely to remember what you said at a later time. Your body language speaks volumes about what you really mean and how you really feel.

Body language can backfire, too. Here’s an interesting list of the 10 worst body language mistakes you can make during a presentation from SOAP:

  1. Crossing your arms or legs
  2. Turning your back on the audience
  3. Avoiding eye contact
  4. Staring at a single spot in the audience
  5. Standing in the same position for the entire presentation
  6. Walking too fast and for too long
  7. Repeat gestures… a lot
  8. Fidgeting
  9. Forgetting to smile
  10. Speaking too fast, too slow or too low

SOAP or State of the Art Presentations turned this list into a terrific slide deck. Check it out.

Learn how to use body language to your advantage in a Dardis Communications training course. I’d love to share all the techniques and skills we teach with you. Find out more.


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