The Value of Business Cards

Your business card is one of the elements of your professional identity and personal brand. In essence, it is how you identify yourself as a genuine representative of your employer or the authentic creator of your work product. It’s more important than many think.

Some claim that the business card tradition will eventually be replaced by online professional networks. I disagree. The personal touch of a business card will always be valuable to the giver and the receiver.

Andrew Hill proposed several reasons why the business card ritual will last in his article for the Financial Times:

  • Promotion – Business cards are more affordable than brochures and sales collateral. They’re a simple way to promote products and services.
  • Networking – They’re easy reminders of the people we meet and want to follow up with.
  • Professional Impression – Business cards represent who you are and what you do through color, typeface, images and paper quality.
  • Data Collection – Combined with the information published on the internet, business cards begin the data collection process on potential clients and employees.

Treat business cards with the respect they deserve because, most of all, they represent people.


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