Prime Your Mind for Leadership

Your state of mind has a direct impact on being seen as a leader. Through a series of experiments, Adam Galinsky and Gavin Kilduff proved what you think about before the first encounter with a new group of people can increase your status with the group – boosting your confidence and your chances of leading that group.

They found you can establish a stronger state of mind by simply thinking and writing about three topics right before the meeting:

  1. You aspirations and ambitions
  2. An experience when you had power over another person
  3. A time you felt happy

Galinsky and Kilduff call this priming yourself for success or creating a promotion focus. Here’s their conclusion: “The temporary mindset that you bring to an initial group meeting can have a lasting impact on your status and influence with your teammates.” It’s all about creating the right frame of mind at the right time. Add this to your meeting preparations and see how it makes a difference on you and your coworkers.

Read the research


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