2 Proven Elements of Persuasion

shutterstock_18554803 (2)Researchers have discovered a simple formula for convincing managers to agree with your ideas: an organized argument plus a likable demeanor. Fanning and Piercey studied methods used by internal auditors (and by extension other business professionals) to gain agreement from their managers. They found the combination of interpersonal likability with a thematically organized argument is the most persuasive.

The combination worked even when the underlying information was not supportive of the argument. Likability was defined as a perception of being easy to be around, down to earth, nice, and understanding. An organized argument meant that thematically connected pieces of information were joined together into flowing paragraphs. The result is a very convincing argument. If it works for internal auditors, it can definitely work for you.

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Read the research. Read a review of the research.


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