When to Use Slidedocs

When your PowerPoint slide deck becomes a pre-read, reference or leave-behind document, you’ve crossed over to the land of slidedocs. Slidedocs are visual documents intended to be read not presented, as defined by Nancy Duarte. They display detailed information through a combination of visuals and text. She suggests you might need a slidedoc if you…

  • Have Lots of Data – A slidedoc allows you to include all the important data you want to share, along with the visual and textual support your audience needs to grasp the concept.
  • Need to Build Consensus Before Meeting – By distributing a clear, cohesive slidedoc to the group before your meeting, you’re saving your audience time that would be spent deciphering a dense document and empowering them to come prepared with feedback.
  • Have to Distribute it Electronically – Every time your slides can travel through the organization and be understood without the help of a presenter, you’ve written a slidedoc.

Get Nancy’s advice on slidedocs. 



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