Slide Deck or Slidedoc?

shutterstock_182992370 (2)My clients often ask about the use of PowerPoint slide decks as handouts or email attachments. While the software was designed for use as a visual aid for presentations, it’s often repurposed as a detail-heavy document for coworkers who want a preview of the information or can’t attend a meeting in person. We recommend separating the two. The slide deck you use for your presentation is not the same deck you use to document the information.

Nancy Duarte has coined a name for the detailed version: “Slidedoc.” She defines the term as a “well-designed, visual document that is intended to be read, not presented.” A “slidedoc” is never projected on a screen. Instead, it’s used as reference material combining brief written copy with visual images, charts and graphs. The well-designed “slidedoc” makes information easy to read and understand. Get Nancy’s advice on how to design an effective “slidedoc”.


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